MIRACLEES: Energy Management Software

Manage and optimise your energy and carbon costs

A vehicle manufacturer has updated their Energy Investment Policy, which states that any investments must have an economic payback period of 24 months or less. An energy reduction target has also been set. There are a number of tasks to be undertaken by the 'Energy Team' in the next four weeks:

  • Identify and document potential energy improvement measures.
  • Analyse the costs and savings involved both in terms of energy and carbon.
  • Create a ranked investment plan and dismiss any with a payback period greater than 24 months.
  • The most attractive measures will require a business case to be produced for financial approval and sign-off.
  • Track, input verification, report on outcomes in the form of specific business case reports.

MIRACLEES™ eases the administrative burden and the expert know-how from these tasks allowing additional time to be spent identifying more energy improvement measures.

The overall benefit:

  • Allows more measures to be identified and then analysed.
  • Optimised Payback Periods lead to more measures being deemed economic.
  • Reach energy and environmental objectives in the shortest time, at least cost, with certainty.
  • Quickly react to changes in internal and external factors.