MIRACLEES: Energy Management Software

Facility Overview

Model the facilities operations in order to quickly respond to the dynamics of internal and external change.


Save time, labour and cost as the complexities of the feed-in-tariff scheme are simplified, utilising the extensive libraries contained within MIRACLEES.


Allow auditors to manage each of their energy improvement measures through a secure profile. Evaluate individual auditor performance.

Energy tariffs

Capture complex tariff structures, quantify related costs and instantly measure the impact of energy price changes.

Carbon Emission Schemes

Through extensive research, the complex carbon economy has been streamlined into simple questions to ensure environmental obligations are met at least cost, with certainty.


Defined access rights for administrators, auditors and guests enables all operations performed to be easily managed and accounted for.

Audit Library

Manage static audit data, and keep this centralised in a clean, accessible and dynamic Audit Library.

Potential Savings

Identify areas of the facility where most energy savings can be realised and tailored to the industry sector.

Data Management

Efficiently capture, analyse, and validate energy usage and carbon emissions for a vast number of measures

MIRACLEES™ algorithm and analysis engine creates a profile of each measure, giving a clear benchmark against which the forecast outcomes can be analysed. The operating costs and savings for each fuel source and each applicable carbon scheme can be drilled into for further details. Each measure is compared on a like-for-like basis, resulting in the production of a ranked investment plan. This enables more effective business decisions to be made.

Total Energy Related Cost

Calculate true energy costs by taking into consideration applicable UK and EU carbon taxes and levies, accurate operating profiles and the specific tariff in use at a given time.

Optimised Payback Period

Calculate true payback periods using total energy related costs and nett investment costs.

NETT Investment Costs

Calculate true investment costs by factoring in government incentives and tax benefits.

Energy Control Panel

A centralised and deliverable focused management console to help mitigate energy costs as a material risk to your facilities operating margin.

Optimisation Plan

Accelerate energy cost mitigation by consistently implementing the measure with the shortest payback period specific to your facility.


Refine plans to reflect business constraints, such as maximum economic payback period, Cap Ex and Op Ex.

Unique Optimisation Plan

Derive a unique investment plan at a given time by fine-tuning financial constraints and business objectives.

Optimised Energy Solutions

Track the progress of measures as they move through the process from investment, to implementation and finally verification.


Verify energy usage reduction and investment costs to ensure accuracy of projected savings over time.

Effortlessly generate reports at the touch of a button, with the use of the Management Review and Reporting section, whether it is a report on the forecast outcomes of a project, the actual outcomes and variances of a project or a higher level facility report.

Business Case Study

Save time and eliminate human error as MIRACLEES™ automates the production of detailed pre-investment business cases at the click of a button by pulling together all relevant data from its vast audit library.

Solution Case Study

Evaluate the achieved economic and environmental benefit after implementation. Drill down into investment costs and total energy related cost savings to highlight forecast versus actual and variances for further investigation.