IntellUMaC for Micro Grids (Mini Grids) and Smart Grids

OES are at the forefront of the transition of traditional electricity networks into smart electricity networks incorporating the concepts of Micro Grids and Smart Grids. Our personnel have worked in research within this area for many years. Our vision is to deliver a platform to allow the realisation of Micro Grids (Mini Grids) and Smart Grids into electricity networks. Our expertise in power systems, electronic engineering and software development allowed us to develop intellUMaC to deliver innovative solutions in this area.

OES have been actively involved in developing Micro Grid (Mini Systems) in the UK, working alongside universities to develop Micro Grid Technology. This work has been extended based on opportunities in the Chinese smart grid sector. Technical papers on this work can be downloaded here.

The intellUMaC System is a non fixed, flexible hardware / software platform which can be tailored to the bespoke needs of client specific smart grid projects. The client specification drives the final configuration of the intellUMaC platform. OES engineering expertise and the client’s requirements will be combined to develop the intellUMaC platform to meet the client’s final objectives.

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