IntellUMaC for Commercial Buildings

Traditionally Building Energy Management Systems (BEMs) have been used for the control of heating and air conditioning in buildings. The performance of existing BEMS can be exceeded by the use of an Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS) which has the intellUMAC at its foundation. The IEMS has been developed to provide maximum economic benefit during the operation of electricity and utility systems, and the generation of electrical power within the building. The IEMS offers the following benefits:

  • Maximises capacity of building renewables and reduces payback periods
  • Maximises building energy reduction and carbon reduction
  • Intelligent control system to minimise energy costs whilst increasing renewable energy sales
  • Minimises DNO connection issues
  • Innovative electrical system control giving enhanced voltage optimisation and electrical demand reduction
  • Additional revenue streams due to electricity grid interface modules
  • Innovative real time power and energy monitoring system, including:
    • Building Multiple Real Time Graphical Display Units with innovative features
    • Utility billing verification tool
    • Carbon legislation reporting and compliance tool
    • Energy forecasting and prediction tool
  • Multiple building intellUMaC systems can be interfaced together to offer further costs savings and building league table energy / carbon performance analysis for clients with building portfolios
  • Future proofed technology. Additional "add on" modules can be used for the following:
    • Integration of electric vehicles
    • Integration of new building smart technologies and appliances
    • Integration of energy storage devices
    • Verification of energy improvement measure performance against design expectations

In summary, the intellUMaC system is a tool to allow the client to realise maximum energy / carbon cost reduction whilst enhancing environmental credentials, by optimising building energy and power system performance.

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