MIRACLEES: Energy Management Software

Manage and optimise your energy and carbon costs

MIRACLEES™ enhances energy improvement decision making by empowering the high energy user to continually identify the best energy improvement measure at any given time. This is achieved by a proactively managed unique investment plan, enabling energy and environmental objectives to be reached in the shortest time, at least cost, with certainty.

You've never seen anything like MIRACLEES™.
Because there's never been anything like MIRACLEES™

MIRACLEES™ Energy Management Software enables high energy users to:

  • Clearly model the facilities operations, audit resource, and a wide array of energy tariffs to quickly respond to the dynamics of internal and external change.
  • Easily capture large amounts of static audit data ready for the Optimiser's detailed analysis.
  • Make most effective use of human resource, by fully automating the administration intensive analysis and comparison of the unlimited number of potential opportunities.
  • Derive a unique investment plan at a given time by fine-tuning financial constraints and business objectives.
  • Make effective investment decisions with certainty, by utilising standardised key performance indicators to compare each opportunity.
  • Effortlessly track a project from inception, implementation, all the way through to verification, with the aid of automated reports throughout the entire process.
  • Automatically produce pre-investment business case reports and post-verification solution case study reports

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