HV Power System Management & Maintenance Service Packages

At Optimised Energy Solutions we offer four different levels of HV Power System Management and Maintenance Service Package. These are summarised below, and our process is that we confirm with you your obligations under current legislation as an owner and operator of High Voltage Equipment and you can then choose which one of the four packages best suits the level of support you would like from OES. This way you get a package that is tailored to your specific requirements. An important benefit of procuring a Service Package of this type is complete peace of mind for the entire period that the package is in place.






Non-Intrusive Inspections (yearly)

Transformer Oil Sampling & Analysis (yearly)

Intrusive Maintenance of all specified Equipment (4 yearly)

Reporting of findings

Maintenance Programme
(planning & organisation)

Electronic Asset Register (generation & updates)

Monitoring & Communication of Current Safety Information (DIN & SOP) provided by NEDeRSĀ®

Emergency Response Facility
(24 hour, 365 days)

Guaranteed Response Time for Emergency Response

Day to Day General Operational
& Technical Assistance

Documentation Audit,
Review & Reporting