HV Auditing Services

OES carries out HV auditing services for a wide range of multi – national companies. These auditing services provide a robust and comprehensive review of the Clients HV System, Records, Documentation, Processes and Operational Procedures.  As with all of our services at OES every auditing package is tailored to the individual Client’s requirements but at the same time never wavers from the core purpose of operational auditing which is to scrutinise and review everything thoroughly in order to identify, report and advise on issues and shortcomings that exist in the Client’s System.  There are 3 main ways in which we are usually engaged to carry out HV Auditing Services by our clients.

As part of one of our Power System Management and Maintenance Service Packages

When a client opts for our Platinum PSM Package, in addition to carrying out the physical HV maintenance work and the planning of that work we also fulfil the role of reviewing & auditing the client’s HV System, records, documentation, Electrical Safety Rules and Management Safety Procedures. This approach ensures that the client not only maintains the “System” in the appropriate manner, but also that the way in which they select, manage, train, assess & authorise their operational staff, the interaction of those staff with the “HV System” and the documentation required to support all of these essential activities are also subject to rigorous scrutiny by experts from the High Voltage Electrical Engineering Arena. Quite often in this scenario the auditing function would be added to an existing PSM Service Package, demonstrating the complete confidence clients have in OES from both a technical and commercial perspective.

As an Independent & Impartial Third Party

On occasion we are called upon to carry out auditing services by clients who are not entirely confident that they have everything in order. In some cases these clients may already have engaged other companies to provide certain HV services for them. This element is one of the key differentiators which set OES apart from some other companies, who whilst they do have the ability to carry out the actual physical maintenance work do not possess the necessary expertise, competence & experience to consider, review, analyse and propose solutions for the complex wider issues which invariably do exist where HV Power Distribution Systems are concerned.

Full Site Infrastructure Audit & Improvement Plan

This is a service we instigated in response to numerous enquiries from clients for an all-encompassing service to review, scrutinise, identity & prioritise issues, propose remedial actions and solve problems on their HV networks. A Full Site Infrastructure Audit & Improvement Plan of this sort would normally be commissioned by a client with previous experience of working with OES and carried out on a partnership basis to achieve agreed goals and stated aims.

  • Initial Site Survey & Creation of Electronic Asset Register.
  • Scrutiny & Scoring of each individual Asset on the basis of Condition & Compliance – By OES Staff
  • Creation of Draft Report for review & Meeting with Site Team to review Draft Report
  • Scrutiny & Scoring of each individual Asset on the basis of Criticality – By Client
  • Each asset now has now been scored between 1 – 10 on each of the three criteria
  • These 3 scores are now multiplied to generate an asset criticality value between 1 and 1000 for each asset
  • The assets are then ranked by these values in the Criticality Matrix to prioritise remedial actions
  • The assets are categorised & prioritised using a Traffic Light System (Green, Amber, Red)
  • 1 – 299 = Green (No additional action required), 300 – 699 = Amber (Monitor more closely), 700 – 1000 = Red (Immediate action required)
  • The assets are also tagged with their unique Asset Reference and the Colour of the prioritisation category
  • Final Report created which also includes individual project plans to rectify the RED issues
  • The Final Report then forms the basis / starting point of a network improvement plan
  • Rectification works are carried out in agreement with the Client

The Criticality Matrix is continually updated to reflect completed rectification works and remedial actions and is reported monthly to the Engineering Management Team to demonstrate progress as Red assets become Green.