Goliat FPSO Platform, Barents Sea

Lead power systems consultant. Power system analysis and computer based modelling of longest subsea cable in world (~111km, 70MW) to offshore FPSO platform (42.5 MVA GTG, heavy induction motor load and large EHV fed VSDS). Due to the innovative nature of the project and its connection to a weak EHV grid, technical problems were experienced which were new to the oil and gas industries.

Peru LNG, Peru

Responsible for power system analysis and system design studies to IEEE standards. Power system studies similar to Goliat FPSO using SKM PowerTools and ATP. Main technical problems associated with the interaction of the plant GTGs and the LCI converter packages. Due to harmonic/interharmonic problems we designed additional harmonic filtering systems over and above those provided by the drive manufacturer. Without these the plant electrical system would not have met the IEEE harmonic requirements.

South Hook LNG Re-Gasification Plant, South Wales, UK

Project Third Party Due Diligence: Technical Review and Audit of plant operation resulting in an Electrical Power System Integrity Review. Numerous site investigations and studies (ETAP) carried out which resulted in detailed reports and recommendations for the reliable, economic and safe operation of the plant electrical power system infrastructure.

Saica Paper Plant, Carrington, UK

Project management and power system design for 132 kV grid connection to paper plant. Paper plant consisted of large VSD site load with 48 MVA CHP plant. Included private network 132 kV and 10 kV network analysis and design and grid interface design. Produced grid distribution code compliance technical documentation. As a result of this work the 132 kV power supply was successfully made available to the site.

Nexen Golden Eagle Platform

Power System Studies for Nexen Golden Eagle Platform in North Sea. Two 42.5 MVA Gas Turbine Generators feeding 6.6 kV and LV systems. Studies included load flow, fault level, protection, motor starting and transient stability.

BBC Media City, Salford

Grid code compliance review for 132 kV electricity connection. This involved fault level analysis, protection scheme design, power quality assessment and generator control systems specification for 60 MVA utility connection with site generation.

Riverside Group

Innovative domestic energy monitoring and control using OES intelligent Universal Monitoring and Control (intellUMaC) System

General HV and LV Renewable Energy / Distributed Generation (DG) Projects:

  • Modelling and analysis of onshore and offshore windfarms
  • Development of Wind Turbine Generator controls for wind farm operation and Grid Code compliance
  • Grid connection compliance studies for all renewable types
  • Assessment of impact of renewables / DG on grid operation
  • Site commissioning of generation / grid disconnection protection
  • Development of Demand Side Management systems

General Industrial Power Plant Projects

System study work using EDSA, SKM and PSCAD. Load flow, Fault studies and protection scheme design and settings on industrial power plants up to 132 kV utility infeed and site generation. Arc flash evaluation studies. Site protection relay / scheme testing on CHP plant. Harmonic measurement testing to Engineering Recommendation G5/4. Transient analysis of synchronous and induction motors up to 20 MW rating.