21st August 2013

FPAL Registration Complete

Within the oil and gas industry our expertise in power systems modelling and analysis has been recognised by international design consultants, main contractors, oil field operators and manufacturers.

Further to this, the Achilles First Point Assessment (FPAL) team have now carried out a full review and OES is now fully registered on the FPAL Database as a supplier to the oil and gas industry in the United Kingdom, Ireland and The Netherlands.

The FPAL database identifies, evaluates and monitors approximately 3,000 suppliers on behalf of its purchasing members within the Oil and Gas sector. FPAL pre-qualification, performance evaluation and on-going monitoring tools ensure that purchasers have a large range of available information to evaluate and differentiate between potential suppliers.

FPAL registration allows OES to give potential customers an open view of its technical capabilities and thus demonstrate its commitment to operating at the very highest standards.

For more information visit the FPAL Website.